[ swang-kee ]
/ ˈswæŋ ki /
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adjective, swank·i·er, swank·i·est.
elegant or ostentatious; swank.
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Origin of swanky

First recorded in 1835–45; swank1 + -y1


swank·i·ly, adverbswank·i·ness, noun
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What does swanky mean?

Swanky means fancy, stylish, or classy, especially in a showy or expensive way. It is often used informally.

Swanky can refer to something that is ostentatious (over the top) or something that is very elegant. Either way, the unifying element is fanciness.

Example: Anna doesn’t usually get a chance to eat at fancy restaurants, so she really enjoyed the gourmet food at the swanky office party.

Where does swanky come from?

Swanky is first recorded in English around the 1830s. It’s a combination of the older noun form swank and the adjective-forming suffix -y (commonly used to make verbs and nouns into adjectives, as in shine/shiny and juice/juicy).

Swanky is usually used in a way that’s a bit informal, especially when highlighting how fancy something is: Look at the swanky hotel. Did you really get into that swanky club? Wow, swanky new apartment! A lot of times, the swanky thing being described is nicer than the things the person describing it is used to. This means a person who can afford a lot of swanky things or go to a lot of swanky places probably doesn’t use the word. Funny how that works.

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What are some other forms of swanky?

What are some synonyms for swanky?

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How is swanky used in real life?

Swanky is typically used informally, and often to be a little humorous.



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Which of the following sentences uses swanky incorrectly?

A. Our new office space is very swanky, with ergonomic chairs and glass walls.
B. We had to eat at a swanky restaurant that had wet floors and wallpaper peeling off the walls.
C. He looks so swanky in his three-piece suit.

How to use swanky in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for swanky

/ (ˈswæŋkɪ) /

adjective swankier or swankiest informal
expensive and showy; stylisha swanky hotel
boastful or conceited

Derived forms of swanky

swankily, adverbswankiness, noun
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