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Idioms about sweat

Origin of sweat

First recorded before 900; 1970–75 for def. 6; (verb) Middle English sweten, Old English swǣtan “to sweat,” derivative of swāt (noun); (noun) Middle English swet, sweet, influenced by the verb, cognate with Dutch zweet, German Schweiss, Old Norse sveiti; akin to Sanskrit svéda-, Latin sūdor, Greek hidrṓs

synonym study for sweat

24. See perspiration.

historical usage of sweat

Sweat has a very distinguished ancestry. It comes from the Proto-Indo-European root sweid-, swoid-, swid-. The suffixed form swoidos (a noun) appears in Germanic as swaitaz, regularly becoming swāt in Old English, Schweiss in German, and sveiti in Old Norse. The related form swoidōs- regularly becomes the noun sūdōr- (inflectional stem of sūdor ) in Latin, from which English derives sudorific “causing sweat” and sudoriparous “secreting sweat.” Greek, as is common, goes its own way and forms its noun from the variant root swid- extended with the suffix -ro- ( swidro- ) to form hidrṓs, from which English derives hidrosis (excessive production of sweat); the Greek form is made obscure by the cluster sw- becoming h-. The form swidro- becomes sviêdri in Latvian, a Baltic language that, like Lithuanian, is very resistant to change.


sweatless, adjectivenon·sweat·ing, adjectiveun·sweat·ing, adjective
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How to use sweat in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for sweat

/ (swɛt) /

verb sweats, sweating, sweat or sweated

Derived forms of sweat

sweatless, adjective

Word Origin for sweat

Old English swætan to sweat, from swāt sweat; related to Old Saxon swēt, Old Norse sveiti, Old High German sweiz, Latin sūdor, Sanskrit svedas
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Medical definitions for sweat

[ swĕt ]

To excrete perspiration through the pores in the skin; perspire.
The colorless saline moisture excreted by the sweat glands; perspiration.
The process of sweating.
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Scientific definitions for sweat

[ swĕt ]

The salty liquid given off by sweat glands in the skin of mammals. As sweat evaporates, the skin cools, causing a reduction in body heat.
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