[ sin-kat-i-gawr-uh-mat-ik, -gor- ]

  1. Traditional Logic. of or relating to a word that is part of a categorical proposition but is not a term, as all, some, is.

  2. Contemporary Logic. of or relating to a word or symbol that has no independent meaning and acquires meaning only in the context of other words or symbols, as the symbol ( or the word of.: Compare term (def. 9).

Origin of syncategorematic

1820–30; <Late Latin syncatēgorēmat-, stem of syncatēgorēma part of a discourse that needs another word to become fully intelligible (see syn-, categorematic) + -ic

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/ (sɪnˌkætəˌɡɔːrəˈmætɪk) /

  1. philosophy applying to expressions that are not in any of Aristotle's categories, but form meaningful expressions together with them, such as conjunctions and adverbs

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