[ si-nek-ee-uh, -nee-kee-uh, sin-i-kahy-uh ]
/ sɪˈnɛk i ə, -ˈni ki ə, ˌsɪn ɪˈkaɪ ə /

noun, plural syn·ech·i·ae [si-nek-ee-ee, -nee-kee-ee, sin-i-kahy-ee] /sɪˈnɛk iˌi, -ˈni kiˌi, ˌsɪn ɪˈkaɪ i/. Medicine/Medical, Pathology.

any adhesion of parts of the body, as of the iris to the cornea.

Origin of synechia

1835–45; < New Latin < Greek synécheia continuity, coherence, equivalent to syneche-, stem of synechḗs (adj.) holding together (syn- syn- + ech(ein) to hold + -ēs adj. suffix) + -ia -ia Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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Medical definitions for synechia

[ sĭ-nĕkē-ə, -nēkē-ə ]

n. pl. syn•ech•i•ae (sĭ-nĕkē-ē′, -nēkē-ē′)

An adhesion of parts, especially involving the iris.
Anterior synechia.
Posterior synechia.
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