[ suh-ring-goh-mahy-ee-lee-uh ]

  1. a disease of the spinal cord in which the nerve tissue is replaced by a cavity filled with fluid.

Origin of syringomyelia

1875–80; syringo- (combining form of Greek sŷrinxsyrinx) + myelia (myel- + -ia)

Other words from syringomyelia

  • sy·rin·go·my·el·ic [suh-ring-goh-mahy-el-ik], /səˌrɪŋ goʊ maɪˈɛl ɪk/, adjective

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How to use syringomyelia in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for syringomyelia


/ (səˌrɪŋɡəʊmaɪˈiːlɪə) /

  1. a chronic progressive disease of the spinal cord in which cavities form in the grey matter: characterized by loss of the sense of pain and temperature

Origin of syringomyelia

C19: syringo-, from Greek: syrinx + -myelia from Greek muelos marrow

Derived forms of syringomyelia

  • syringomyelic (səˌrɪŋɡəʊmaɪˈɛlɪk), adjective

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