[ tee-bohn ]


  1. a T-bone steak, a choice piece of beef with a conspicuous T -shaped bone.

verb (used with object)

, T-boned, T-bon·ing.
  1. Informal to crash into the side of (a motor vehicle):

    The driver of the SUV drove through a red light and T-boned a city bus.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of T-bone1

From the shape of the letter T + bone ( def ); T-bone def 1 was first recorded in 1930–35; T-bone def 2 in 1965–70.
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Example Sentences

It was The Punch Brothers, Oscar, T-Bone, Justin—everyone who worked on the soundtrack.

“My thing was: Just learn to play like B.B. and T-Bone,” Guy told me.

Earlier today, Tester and his wife, Sharla, drove from Great Falls, Mont., to their home, T-Bone Farms, 80 miles northeast.

And Joan Van Ark, Peter Fonda, as well as clients like T-Bone Burnett and the superstar songwriter Diane Warren.

They ate at T-bone Tommy's, consuming a vast quantity of red meat with but a minor accompaniment of vegetables.

We've got a date for dinner—T-bone steak, two inches thick, with mushrooms.

A big T-bone, and some lyonnaise potatoes, and some string beans and corn and a salad and ice cream.

The little restaurant—Denver fashion, it made specialities of "short orders," cream waffles and T-bone steaks—was almost deserted.

Not enough to buy a single Belgian a T-bone steak and fried potatoes.





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