[ tak-uh-fi-lak-sis ]
/ ˌtæk ə fɪˈlæk sɪs /


Medicine/Medical. immediate, temporary immunization against the effects of injection of a toxic extract owing to previous small injections of the same extract.
a decreased response to a medicine given over a period of time so that larger doses are required to produce the same response.
Also tach·y·phy·lax·i·a [tak-uh-fi-lak-see-uh] /ˌtæk ə fɪˈlæk si ə/.

Origin of tachyphylaxis

tachy- + Greek phýlaxis a guarding, equivalent to phylak- (stem of phylássein to guard) + -sis -sis

OTHER WORDS FROM tachyphylaxis

tach·y·phy·lac·tic [tak-uh-fi-lak-tik] /ˌtæk ə fɪˈlæk tɪk/, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for tachyphylaxis

/ (ˌtækɪfɪˈlæksɪs) /


very rapid development of tolerance or immunity to the effects of a drug

Word Origin for tachyphylaxis

New Latin, from tachy- + phylaxis on the model of prophylaxis. See prophylactic
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Medical definitions for tachyphylaxis

[ tăk′ə-fĭ-lăksĭs ]


Rapid desensitization to a pharmacologically or physiologically active substance, produced by inoculation with a series of small doses.
A rapidly decreasing response to a drug following its initial administration.
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