[ adjective tey-ler-meyd; noun tey-ler-meyd, -meyd ]
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  1. custom-made; made-to-order; made-to-measure: an expensive tailor-made suit.

  1. fashioned to a particular taste, purpose, demand, etc.: a musical comedy tailor-made for the popular audience.

  1. something, as a garment, that is tailor-made.

Origin of tailor-made

First recorded in 1825–35

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How to use tailor-made in a sentence

  • I am not the style for tailor-made things, but goodness knows I am glad enough to get anything.

    Ancestors | Gertrude Atherton
  • She wore a neat tailor-made dress of brown cloth, and a small black velvet hat with a big gold buckle.

    The Doctor of Pimlico | William Le Queux
  • The tailor-made gown was not looked upon as a regenerator of æsthetic standards, but it has proved that.

    The Leaven in a Great City | Lillian William Betts
  • Then the slender figure in its faultless tailor-made gown disappeared into the omnibus.

    Mildred's Inheritance | Annie Fellows Johnston
  • The cut of her tailor-made gown was perfection, her gloves and boots could scarcely have come from anywhere but Paris.

    Mysterious Mr. Sabin | E. Phillips Oppenheim

British Dictionary definitions for tailor-made


  1. made by a tailor to fit exactly: a tailor-made suit

  2. perfectly meeting a particular purpose: a girl tailor-made for him

  1. a tailor-made garment

  2. slang a cigarette made in a factory rather than rolled by hand

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