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Also, take notice. Pay attention, as in Take note, not one man here is wearing a tie, or The aide took notice of the boys throwing spitballs and reported them. An antonym is take no notice of, meaning “ignore,” as in Take no notice of them and they'll stop teasing you. [Late 1500s] Also see take notes.

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What does take note mean?

To take note of something is to pay attention to it or notice it, especially in order to remember it or keep it in mind.

Take note is often followed by the word of and the thing to focus on, as in I always like to take note of the titles of the paintings before I look at them. 

However, the phrase can also be used by itself, especially when it’s used as a command, as in This will be on the test, everyone. Take note. 

The phrase take notice means the same thing. The phrase take notes means to record information about what’s being said, happening, or being observed, especially by writing things down. The phrase take a mental note means to do this in your head.

If you fail to take note of something, you ignore or disregard it or don’t pay close enough attention to it, as in I didn’t take note of the license plate number and now I wish I had.

Example: Take note of all of the instructions he is giving you because they could save your life.

Where does take note come from?

The first records of the phrase take note come from the late 1500s. The phrase take notes is recorded slightly earlier.

Taking note of something usually involves more than just briefly paying attention to it. It often entails observing or recognizing it, attempting to understand it and its importance, and then remembering it. People often take note of things because they think they’ll be important to know later, as in I’ve tried to take note of all the trail markers so that it will be easy to find our way back. The word note can be used to mean the same thing as take note of, as in Note how the painter uses short brush strokes.

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Take note is commonly used as a polite command encouraging someone to notice something and remember it.



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The new company was making huge profits and the competition was starting to take note.

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