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or take-down

[ teyk-doun ]


  1. made or constructed so as to be easily dismantled or disassembled.


  1. the act of taking down.
  2. a firearm designed to be swiftly disassembled or assembled.
  3. the point of separation of two or more of the parts of a takedown firearm or other device.
  4. Informal. the act of being humbled.
  5. Wrestling. a move or series of maneuvers that succeeds in bringing a standing opponent down onto the mat.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of takedown1

First recorded in 1890–95; adj., noun use of verb phrase take down

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Example Sentences

Issa used this very same format of takedown against DeMaio that DeMaio’s using against Faulconer – fear about unauthorized immigrants and extreme conclusions about fiscal policy and homelessness.

Now, every morning, I wake up and drink my coffee and have to go through probably 20 a day and have to issue a rights takedown for all of them.

From Digiday

One of the California-based firm’s best-known takedowns came closer to home.

From Fortune

You can see that because even with the takedowns Microsoft and Cyber Command have tried, they’re still able to operate.

Firms like Apple already operate within China while adhering to frequent takedown requests.

What specific actresses did the movie studios send you takedown notices for?

“If you can land el Chapo, you can land anyone,” he says of a recent takedown.

Online, he railed against his dismissal, posting on Tumblr a bitter takedown of the network and studio.

But surprisingly for such a blistering parental salvo, response to the viral takedown was largely positive.

Read Michael Moynihan's takedown of Oliver Stone's newest production: The Untold History of the United States.

In the quiver was the bow, a takedown model, and three dozen arrows.





take doingtake down a notch