[ tuhp-uh s ]
/ ˈtʌp əs /

noun Yoga.

the conditioning of the body through the proper kinds and amounts of diet, rest, bodily training, meditation, etc., to bring it to the greatest possible state of creative power.

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Origin of tapas

1930–35; < Sanskrit: penance, literally, heat


[ tah-pah ]
/ ˈtɑ pɑ /

noun Usually tapas.

(especially in Spain) a snack or appetizer, typically served with wine or beer.

Origin of tapa

< Spanish: literally, cover, lid (probably < Germanic; see tap2)


[ tah-puh, tap-uh ]
/ ˈtɑ pə, ˈtæp ə /


the bark of the paper mulberry.
Also called tapa cloth. a cloth of the Pacific islands made by pounding this or similar barks flat and thin, used for clothing and floor covering.

Origin of tapa

Borrowed into English from Polynesian around 1815–25

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/ (ˈtæpəs) /

pl n

  1. light snacks or appetizers, usually eaten with drinks
  2. (as modifier)a tapas bar

Word Origin for tapas

from Spanish tapa cover, lid


/ (ˈtɑːpə) /


the inner bark of the paper mulberry
a paper-like cloth made from this in the Pacific islands

Word Origin for tapa

C19: from Marquesan and Tahitian

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