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[ tep-id ]


  1. moderately warm; lukewarm:

    tepid water.

    Synonyms: mild, moderate

  2. characterized by a lack of force or enthusiasm:

    tepid prose;

    the critics' tepid reception for the new play.

    Synonyms: unemotional, apathetic, halfhearted


/ ˈtɛpɪd /


  1. slightly warm; lukewarm
  2. relatively unenthusiastic or apathetic

    the play had a tepid reception

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Derived Forms

  • teˈpidity, noun
  • ˈtepidly, adverb

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Other Words From

  • te·pidi·ty tepid·ness noun
  • tepid·ly adverb
  • sub·tepid adjective
  • sub·tepid·ly adverb
  • sub·tepid·ness noun
  • subte·pidi·ty noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of tepid1

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English, from Latin tepidus “lukewarm,” from tep(ēre) “to be lukewarm” + -idus -id 4

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Word History and Origins

Origin of tepid1

C14: from Latin tepidus, from tepēre to be lukewarm

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Example Sentences

The public’s reaction to the $150 million Arch Deluxe campaign was tepid at best.

From Eater

Earlier this year, I gave a tepid recommendation to Mortal Kombat's latest theatrical reboot.

Meanwhile, other browser vendors—like Apple, Opera, Mozilla, and Microsoft—have floated more tepid "no plans to implement" statements.

AirAsia India—a joint venture between Tata Sons and Malaysia’s AirAsia Investment—has not laid off any employees despite the fact that aviation traffic in India has remained tepid for most of last year.

From Quartz

Meanwhile, the government in Lesotho has only offered a tepid response to the issue.

From Time

That was the last time the band allowed tepid performances and overwrought production overwhelm an otherwise solid set of songs.

You expect another shower of tepid excuses, but the mother simply shrugs.

Her delivery—airy and a little tepid—is familiar from her long-running reality series.

“Sure, Greenwald and Pierre occasionally express tepid ‘support’ for the PayPal14,” the anonymous letter said Monday.

They almost have an incentive to keep the economy going at a more tepid rate.

He inclines to the use of the tepid bath, as likely to be the most generally efficacious.

One wine-glass of the solution, added to half a pint of tepid water, is sufficient for each application.

One wine-glassful of this solution, added to half a pint of tepid water, is sufficient for each application.

This tepid admiration was not the outcome of conscientious feeling, but of her faith on the strength of love.

Lily B.—If your poor canary allows you to handle it, you can hold it for a moment in tepid water, which will refresh it very much.


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