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[ tahrp ]



/ tɑːp /

acronym for

  1. Troubled Assets Relief Program: a fund providing money to increase the liquidity of financial institutions



/ tɑːp /


  1. an informal word for tarpaulin

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Word History and Origins

Origin of tarp1

An Americanism dating back to 1905–10; by shortening

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Example Sentences

The men draped a tarp over the roof to prevent the camera flash lighting up the sky.

Popping outdoor diners under tarps to keep out the sun and rain during warm weather is one thing—if air is still freely flowing, you get most of the benefits of being outside.

With coronavirus protocols in place, enormous blue tarps with Wizards and Capital One branding cover seats where fans would be.

Burrow into the side of the quinzhee and retrieve the tarp and gear.

In 2008, lawmakers with considerable holdings in financial companies were about five percentage points more likely to support the creation of TARP than those without similar stakes.

Instagram photos from that day show Finney and his crew setting up under a tarp outside.

I am carrying a well-worn satchel fashioned out of a recycled plastic tarp.

After he'd leashed the huskies up to the sled, Winkelmann deftly zipped me into a tarp-like blanket.

Just behind them, a tarp was pulled across a now flooded ditch.

The school is nothing more than a circle of rocks and stones and a tarp placed on the ground on which the students sit.

We put the things under a tarp, and I started to bring up the water, but General Ashley spoke.

Next thing was to make a smudge under and to lay a tarp over to hold the smudge while the meat should smoke.

Innumerable blankets, "tarp" beds, and war-sacks lay rolled ready for the pack-saddles.

He slept on Dan's tarp bed at night, and in the daytime led our long and winding procession.

Norris even made a sort of steamer chair of poles, using a double thickness of his tarp for the seat and back.


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