[ teyz ]

verb (used with object)tased, tas·ing.
  1. (sometimes initial capital letter) to electrically stun (a living target) using a Taser or similar stun gun: She tased her stalker when he tried to force her into his car.

Origin of tase

1990–95; back formation from Taser, a trademarked proprietary name
  • Sometimes taze .

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How to use tase in a sentence

  • Sis Rhody, she sez she done save you de bes' puffovers you ever tase, en ef'n you don' come 'long down, dey'll fall right flat.

    The Battle Ground | Ellen Glasgow
  • Lawd, Lawd, hit's a pity he ain' 'live agin des ter tase hese'f!

    The Battle Ground | Ellen Glasgow
  • "Dis yer's gwine tase moughty flat-footed," she grumbled as she did so.

    The Battle Ground | Ellen Glasgow