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[ tey-ster ]


  1. a person who tastes, especially one skilled in distinguishing the qualities of liquors, tea, etc., by the taste.
  2. a container for taking samples or tasting.
  3. a wide shallow cup, usually metal, for holding wine to be tasted, as by a professional taster.
  4. a person employed or ordered to taste the food and drink prepared for a king, dictator, etc., to ascertain the presence of poison.
  5. Genetics. a person able to taste phenylthiourea or some other test substance.


/ ˈteɪstə /


  1. a person who samples food or drink for quality
  2. any device used in tasting or sampling
  3. a person employed, esp formerly, to taste food and drink prepared for a king, etc, to test for poison
  4. a sample or preview of a product, experience, etc, intended to stimulate interest in the product, experience, etc, itself

    the single serves as a taster for the band's new album

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Other Words From

  • pre·taster noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of taster1

1350–1400; Middle English tastour < Anglo-French. See taste, -er 1

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Example Sentences

By the end of his life, he was one of the world’s most respected and loved figures in the wine industry — an expert, merchant, educator, writer, taster and even a winemaker in England.

Another taster, Odette Kahn, resorted to a Trumpian argument — the tasting was rigged.

Pepperidge Farm Thin and CrispyThe bag says “thin & crispy,” which is exactly how tasters found this number from cookie powerhouse Pepperidge Farm.

There is also a free seven-day trial to get a taster of lesson content before committing to shell out.

A decent way to do this is to try out a subscription service that will ship multiple taster roasts.

The incredible memoirs of Hitler's last surviving food taster, now 95, as told to Der Spiegel.

One must be grateful that our Massachusetts Dovers cannot be dampened by this original potato-taster.

A conscientious taster—faithful, diligent, she reached the amazing speed of forty pickles a minute, and all done well.

I have been his cupbearer and taster, and as frequently shared his outdoor sports; now hunting with hawk, and now with hound.

The year past, the Gnat—subtle taster—was slowly winging his way back when he met the Swallow.

There are times when the Puritan element disappears; and it is Hazlitt the eager, curious taster of life that is presented to us.


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