[ tey-ster ]
/ ˈteɪ stər /


a person who tastes, especially one skilled in distinguishing the qualities of liquors, tea, etc., by the taste.
a container for taking samples or tasting.
a wide shallow cup, usually metal, for holding wine to be tasted, as by a professional taster.
a person employed or ordered to taste the food and drink prepared for a king, dictator, etc., to ascertain the presence of poison.
Genetics. a person able to taste phenylthiourea or some other test substance.

Origin of taster

1350–1400; Middle English tastour < Anglo-French. See taste, -er1


pre·tast·er, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for taster

/ (ˈteɪstə) /


a person who samples food or drink for quality
any device used in tasting or sampling
a person employed, esp formerly, to taste food and drink prepared for a king, etc, to test for poison
a sample or preview of a product, experience, etc, intended to stimulate interest in the product, experience, etc, itselfthe single serves as a taster for the band's new album
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