[ tat-l-teyl ]
/ ˈtæt lˌteɪl /


a talebearer or informer, especially among children.


telltale; revealing: a tattletale smear of lipstick on his collar.

Origin of tattletale

An Americanism dating back to 1885–90; tattle + tale
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Examples from the Web for tattletale

  • He wanted a dog to help him hunt, but he did not want a tattletale.

  • Course, I didn't need to worry, because Stinky told them all right, just like a tattletale.

  • That First Lieutenant of ours either has eyes in the back of his head or else the Sergeant is a tattletale.

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British Dictionary definitions for tattletale


/ (ˈtætəlˌteɪl) /

noun mainly US and Canadian

a scandalmonger or gossip
another word for telltale (def. 1)
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