[ tak-sis ]
/ ˈtæk sɪs /
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noun, plural tax·es [tak-seez]. /ˈtæk siz/.
arrangement or order, as in one of the physical sciences.
Biology. oriented movement of a motile organism in response to an external stimulus, as toward or away from light.
Surgery. the replacing of a displaced part, or the reducing of a hernia or the like, by manipulation without cutting.
Architecture. the adaptation to the purposes of a building of its various parts.
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Origin of taxis

1720–30; <New Latin <Greek táxis, equivalent to tak- (base of tássein to arrange, put in order) + -sis-sis

Other definitions for taxis (2 of 3)

[ tak-seez ]
/ ˈtæk siz /

a plural of taxi.

Other definitions for taxis (3 of 3)


a combining form representing taxis1 in compound words: heterotaxis.
Compare tax-, taxi-, taxo-, -taxy.
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British Dictionary definitions for taxis (1 of 2)

/ (ˈtæksɪs) /

the movement of a cell or organism in a particular direction in response to an external stimulus
surgery the repositioning of a displaced organ or part by manual manipulation only

Word Origin for taxis

C18: via New Latin from Greek: arrangement, from tassein to place in order

British Dictionary definitions for taxis (2 of 2)



n combining form
indicating movement towards or away from a specified stimulusthermotaxis
order or arrangementphyllotaxis

Derived forms of -taxis

-tactic or -taxic, adj combining form

Word Origin for -taxis

from New Latin, from Greek taxis order
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Medical definitions for taxis (1 of 2)

[ tăksĭs ]

n. pl. tax•es (tăksēz)
The responsive movement of a free-moving organism or cell toward or away from an external stimulus, such as light.
The moving of a body part by manipulation into normal position, as after a dislocation.

Medical definitions for taxis (2 of 2)


Order; arrangement:stereotaxis.
Responsive movement; taxis:chemotaxis.
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