[ tem-per-uh-lahyz, tem-pruh- ]
/ ˈtɛm pər əˌlaɪz, ˈtɛm prə- /

verb (used with object), tem·po·ral·ized, tem·po·ral·iz·ing.

to make temporal in time; place in time.
to make concerned with the present life; secularize.

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Also especially British, tem·po·ral·ise.

Origin of temporalize

First recorded in 1820–30; temporal1 + -ize

Can be confusedtemporalize temporize

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Examples from the Web for temporalize

  • I had to record so many languages before I could temporalize.

    The Ego Machine|Henry Kuttner
  • The threshold fluctuations in the neurons always upset my mnemonic norm when I temporalize.

    The Ego Machine|Henry Kuttner