or teched

[ techt ]

  1. touched; slightly crazy.

Origin of tetched

1925–30; variant of touched; perhaps representing earlier tached (Middle English techyd) in the compounds (well-)tached, (evil-)tached having the (specified) quality or disposition (Middle English tach(e), tech(e) trait, spot, stain <Old French tache spot (see tachism) + -ed3)

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How to use tetched in a sentence

  • Don't you let him give you that thar big bun'le; 'caze that's not a thing but seed corn, and he'll be mad ef it's tetched.

    The Power and the Glory | Grace MacGowan Cooke
  • Well, next summer ain't tetched yet, an' we may all be in our graves before that time.

    The Brass Bound Box | Evelyn Raymond
  • "That little finger there is a trifle tetched, I guess," he said.

  • "Never tetched us," answered Shorty, in perfect reproduction of Mrs. Bolster's accents.

  • I just crope up and retched over and tetched him and he begun to snort and cave round.

    A Tenderfoot Bride | Clarice E. Richards