[te-trahrk, tee-]


any ruler of a fourth part, division, etc.
a subordinate ruler.
one of four joint rulers or chiefs.
the ruler of the fourth part of a country or province in the ancient Roman Empire.

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Origin of tetrarch

1350–1400; Middle English, tetrarcha, tetrarke < Late Latin tetrarcha, variant of Latin tetrarchēs < Greek tetrárchēs. See tetr-, -arch

Related formste·trar·chy, te·trarch·ate [te-trahr-keyt, -kit, tee-] /ˈtɛ trɑrˌkeɪt, -kɪt, ˈti-/, nounte·trar·chic [te-trahr-kik, ti-] /tɛˈtrɑr kɪk, tɪ-/, te·trar·chi·cal, adjective

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the ruler of one fourth of a country
a subordinate ruler, esp of Syria under the Roman Empire
the commander of one of the smaller subdivisions of a Macedonian phalanx
any of four joint rulers
Derived Formstetrarchate (tɛˈtrɑːˌkeɪt, -kɪt), nountetrarchic or tetrarchical, adjectivetetrarchy, noun

Word Origin for tetrarch

C14: from Greek tetrarkhēs; see tetra-, -arch

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Word Origin and History for tetrarch



late Old English tetrarche "ruler of one of four divisions of a kingdom or province," from Late Latin tetrarcha, from Greek tetrarkhes "leader of four companies, tetrarch," from tetra- "four" (see tetra-) + arkhein "to rule" (see archon). Applied generally to subordinate rulers in the Roman Empire, especially in Syria.

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