[ thang ]

  1. thing1: They put a device on that gas meter thang stickin' up in the backyard.You just go on ahead and do your thang.He couldn't explain it; I guess it's a man thang.

Idioms about thang

  1. (it) ain't no thang, it's nothing to fuss or worry about; it's easy, unimportant, or unremarkable: Don't be ashamed—ain't no thang.You try and complete 150 situps while trying to pretend it ain't no thang!

  2. like it ain't no thang,

    • as if it were effortless or unremarkable: They raised $7 million like it ain't no thang.

    • like crazy; with great enthusiasm, energy, or speed: I'm putting on weight like it ain't no thang!Saturdays we party like it ain't no thang.

Origin of thang

First recorded in 1930–35; variant pronunciation of thing1

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How to use thang in a sentence

  • Richard has one blue eye and one amber eye, and loves to have his owner take videos of him doing his thang.

  • These incapable hands alone shall have the overwhelming distinction of drawing forth the illustrious thang-li.

    Kai Lung's Golden Hours | Ernest Bramah
  • "They are indeed," replied thang-li, with that ingratiating candour that marked his whole existence.

    Kai Lung's Golden Hours | Ernest Bramah
  • But Sa-thang propagated lies, and stained by his malice that which had been pure and holy.

    Ten Great Religions | James Freeman Clarke
  • It is possibly a specimen of the skill of thang-kong, who lived between 1736 and 1795, and was director of the Imperial works.

    The Ceramic Art | Jennie J. Young
  • Thus, the thang white made by Ho is said to have been brilliant as jade, and a contemporary was making vases of artificial jade.

    The Ceramic Art | Jennie J. Young