[th en]



being; being such; existing or being at the time indicated: the then prime minister.


that time: We have not been back since then. Till then, farewell.

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    but then, but on the other hand: I found their conversation very dull, but then I have different tastes.
    then and there, at that precise time and place; at once; on the spot: I started to pack my things right then and there.Also there and then.

Origin of then

before 900; Middle English then(ne), than(n)e, Old English thonne, thanne, thænne; cf. than; akin to that

Can be confusedthan then

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at that time; over that period of time
(sentence modifier) in that case; that being sothen why don't you ask her?; if he comes, then you'll have to leave; go on then, take it
then and there See there (def. 6)

sentence connector

after that; with thatthen John left the room and didn't return


that timebefore then; from then on


(prenominal) existing, functioning, etc, at that timethe then prime minister

Word Origin for then

Old English thenne; related to Old Saxon, Old High German thanna; see than

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Word Origin and History for thens


adverb of time, from Old English þanne, þænne, þonne, from Proto-Germanic *thana- (cf. Old Frisian thenne, Old Saxon thanna, Dutch dan, Old High German danne, German dann), from PIE demonstrative pronoun root *to- (see the). For further sense development, see than. Similar evolutions in other Germanic languages; Dutch uses dan in both senses, but German has dann (adv.) "then," denn (conj.) "than." Now and then "at various times" is attested from 1550s; earlier then and then (c.1200).

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