[ thair-at ]
/ ˌðɛərˈæt /
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at that place or time; there: Seeing the gate, they entered thereat.
because of that; thereupon.
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Origin of thereat

before 900; Middle English ther at,Old English thǣr æt.See there, at1
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What does thereat mean?

Thereat means at the place or time that was just mentioned, as in After the completion of the new auditorium, all meetings will be held thereat (translation: After the completion of the new auditorium, all meetings will be held there).

Thereat is formal and is often used in legal language.

Thereat can also mean because of the thing just mentioned or for that reason, as in I can no longer effectively fulfil my duties, and thereat I resign. A synonym for this sense of the word is thereupon.

Example: They calculated the exact time of the eclipse and decided to meet thereat.

Where does thereat come from?

The first records of the word thereon come from before 900.

There are many similar words based on the combination of the word there and a preposition, each of which has a different meaning, including thereabout, thereabouts, thereafter, thereby, therefor, therefore, therefrom, therein, thereinafter, thereinto, thereof, thereon, theretofore, thereunder, thereupon, therewith, and therewithal.

Other words are constructed in similar ways, such as whereat, meaning “at which,” as in the location whereat the incident took place (translation: the location at which the incident took place).

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How is thereat used in real life?

Thereat is formal and is often used in legal language.

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He had completed his quest, and thereat he was happy.

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British Dictionary definitions for thereat

/ (ˌðɛərˈæt) /

adverb rare
at that point or time
for that reason
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