[ ther-mog-ruh-fee ]

  1. a technique for imitating an embossed appearance, as on business cards, stationery, or the like, by dusting printed areas with a powder that adheres only to the wet ink, and fusing the ink and powder to the paper by heat.

  2. Medicine/Medical. a technique for measuring regional skin temperatures, used especially as a screening method for detection of breast cancer.

Origin of thermography

First recorded in 1830–40; thermo- + -graphy

Other words from thermography

  • ther·mog·ra·pher, noun
  • ther·mo·graph·ic [thur-muh-graf-ik], /ˌθɜr məˈgræf ɪk/, adjective
  • ther·mo·graph·i·cal·ly, adverb

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British Dictionary definitions for thermography


/ (θɜːˈmɒɡrəfɪ) /

  1. any writing, printing, or recording process involving the use of heat

  2. a printing process which produces raised characters by heating special powder or ink placed on the paper

  1. med the measurement and recording of heat produced by a part of the body: used in the diagnosis of tumours, esp of the breast (mammothermography), which have an increased blood supply and therefore generate more heat than normal tissue: See also thermogram

Derived forms of thermography

  • thermographer, noun
  • thermographic (ˌθɜːməʊˈɡræfɪk), adjective

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