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[ thur-muh-stat ]


  1. a device, including a relay actuated by thermal conduction or convection, that functions to establish and maintain a desired temperature automatically or signals a change in temperature for manual adjustment.

verb (used with object)

, ther·mo·stat·ted or ther·mo·stat·ed; ther·mo·stat·ting or ther·mo·stat·ing.
  1. to equip or control with a thermostat.


/ ˈθɜːməˌstæt /


  1. a device that maintains a system at a constant temperature. It often consists of a bimetallic strip that bends as it expands and contracts with temperature, thus breaking and making contact with an electrical power supply
  2. a similar device that actuates equipment, such as a sprinkler, when a certain temperature is reached


/ thûrmə-stăt′ /

  1. A device that automatically controls heating or cooling equipment in such a way as to maintain a temperature at a constant level or within a specified range, generally using a thermometer capable of triggering electrical switches that activate or deactivate the equipment.


  1. A device that monitors and automatically responds to changes in temperature and activates switches controlling devices such as furnaces or air conditioners.

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Derived Forms

  • ˌthermoˈstatic, adjective
  • ˌthermoˈstatically, adverb

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Other Words From

  • thermo·static adjective
  • thermo·stati·cal·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of thermostat1

First recorded in 1825–35; thermo- + -stat

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Example Sentences

If, like me, you live the perpetual dance of adjusting the thermostat to that fine line of just cool enough for wine and warm enough for humans, you won’t need to do much.

Secondly, consider investing in a model that includes a built-in thermostat and multiple output settings.

As the thermostat ticked down, Klein saw a link between crises that formed a grid of its own.

Power surges are rare during the state’s normally mild winters, and when Winter Storm Uri hit this weekend, ERCOT was already struggling with natural-gas availability as Texans across the state jacked up their thermostats.

For example, you can set your gadgets to unlock your door, change the thermostat, or turn on the lights as soon as they detect you’ve arrived.

Just consider the ubiquity of the products: the Honeywell thermostat, the Saul Bass credit scenes.

The hipster former Apple guys who reinvented the thermostat have come up with the next big thing: a smoke alarm.

The Nest thermostat promises to save energy by programming itself and adjusting to users.

Can a $250, Apple-like programmable thermostat save the planet?

“I wanted to be able to control the thermostat, the attitudes, and the numbers,” he says, and got his wish.

The most important part of the incubator is the thermostat which regulates the current to maintain a steady heat.

A thermostat can be placed on the system and the temperature of the water controlled.

The thermostat keeps the iron at an even temperature after you set it for the heat you want.

Stopper and keep at room temperature three hours, then in thermostat at 50° C. for four to six hours.

This thermostat operates the by-pass damper under the tempering coils, and sometimes the valves on the coils.


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