[ thou-zuhndth, -zuhntth, -zuhnth ]

  1. last in order of a series of a thousand.

  2. being one of a thousand equal parts.

  1. a thousandth part, especially of one (1/1000).

  2. the thousandth member of a series.

  1. Also thousandth's place . (in decimal notation) the position of the third digit to the right of the decimal point.

Origin of thousandth

First recorded in 1545–55; thousand + -th2

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How to use thousandth in a sentence

  • The gray waves are passing over the top for the thousandth time and, for the thousandth time, hope is in the air once more.

    The Wasted Generation | Owen Johnson
  • Cinna looked from moment to moment at Antea, and for the thousandth time despairing thoughts flew through his head.

    Let us follow Him | Henryk Sienkiewicz

British Dictionary definitions for thousandth


/ (ˈθaʊzənθ) /

  1. (usually prenominal)

    • being the ordinal number of 1000 in numbering or counting order, position, time, etc

    • (as noun): the thousandth in succession

    • one of 1000 approximately equal parts of something

    • (as modifier): a thousandth part

  1. one of 1000 equal divisions of a particular scientific quantity: millivolt Related prefix: milli-

  1. the fraction equal to one divided by 1000 (1/1000)

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