throw a party

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Put on or hold a social gathering, as in They're throwing a party to introduce their nephew to the neighbors, or She threw a party every Saturday night. [Colloquial; first half of 1900s]

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What does throw a party mean?

Throw a party means to organize a social gathering. You can throw a party for yourself, as when you invite all your friends over to celebrate the end of the school year. You can also throw a party for someone else as in Charlotte is graduating next week, so her parents are throwing a party for her.

The type of party you throw is up to you. It could be a dinner party, for which you serve a special dinner to your guests. It could be a birthday party featuring cake, balloons, and presents for the birthday person. Your party could have events, like a series of games, or it could just be you and your friends hanging around in your living room, eating snacks and playing video games. If it’s a social event and you’re organizing it, you’re throwing a party.

Example: Kate is throwing a party this weekend, and we are all invited!

Where does throw a party come from?

The first records of the phrase throw a party come from around 1908. It is an American colloquialism that uses the words throw, in the sense of “to organize and host,” and party, meaning “a social gathering.”

Throw a party is used to imply that a social gathering is being planned and is expected to be very fun and exciting.

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How is throw a party used in real life?

Throw a party is a commonly used phrase that means to organize a social gathering.

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If someone throws a party for you, it means that they ruined your party.

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