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  1. of or relating to the thyroid gland.
  2. of or relating to the largest cartilage of the larynx, forming the projection known in humans as the Adam's apple.
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  1. thyroid gland.
  2. the thyroid cartilage.
  3. an artery, vein, etc., in the thyroid region.
  4. Medicine/Medical. thyroid glands
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Origin of thyroid

1685–95; variant of thyreoid < Greek thyreoeidḗs shield-shaped, equivalent to thyre(ós) oblong shield (literally, doorlike object, equivalent to thýr(a) door + -eos adj. suffix) + -oeidēs -oid
Related formsthy·roi·dal, adjectivethy·roid·less, adjectivean·ti·thy·roid, adjective, nounpost·thy·roi·dal, adjectivepre·thy·roid, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for thyroid


  1. of or relating to the thyroid gland
  2. of or relating to the largest cartilage of the larynx
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  1. See thyroid gland
  2. Also: thyroid extract the powdered preparation made from the thyroid gland of certain animals, used to treat hypothyroidism
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Word Origin

C18: from New Latin thyroidēs, from Greek thureoeidēs, from thureos oblong (literally: door-shaped) shield, from thura door
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Word Origin and History for thyroid


1690s (in reference to both the cartilage and the gland), from Greek thyreoiedes "shield-shaped" (in khondros thyreoiedes "shield-shaped cartilage," used by Galen to describe the "Adam's apple" in the throat), from thyreos "oblong, door-shaped shield" (from thyra "door") + -eides "form, shape" (see -oid). The noun, short for thyroid gland, is recorded from 1849.

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thyroid in Medicine


  1. The thyroid gland.
  2. The thyroid cartilage.
  3. A powdered preparation of the thyroid gland of certain domestic animals, used in the treatment of cretinism and myxedema, in certain cases of obesity, and in skin disorders.
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Related formsthyroid′ adj.thy•roidal adj.
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thyroid in Culture



A large gland in the neck that functions in the endocrine system. The thyroid secretes hormones that regulate growth and metabolism.

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