[ tid-lee-wingks ]
/ ˈtɪd liˌwɪŋks /
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noun (used with a singular verb)

a game played on a flat surface, in which players attempt to snap small plastic disks into a cup by pressing the edges of the disks with larger ones.



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Also tid·dle·dy·winks [tid-l-dee-wingks] /ˈtɪd l diˌwɪŋks/ .

Origin of tiddlywinks

1835–45; plural of tiddlywink (tiddly tiny + dial. wink, variant of winch1), referring to the counter used to snap the pieces into place; see -s3
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  • There was a chandelier from Tiddlywinks for the look of the thing, but of course she lit the residence herself.

    Peter Pan|James M. Barrie
  • So the two little girls concluded that they would free Tiddlywinks and turn him again into a kitten.

British Dictionary definitions for tiddlywinks

/ (ˈtɪdlɪˌwɪŋks) /


(functioning as singular) a game in which players try to flick discs of plastic into a cup by pressing them sharply on the side with other larger discs
C19: probably from tiddly 1 + dialect wink, variant of winch 1
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