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[ tahy-mer ]


  1. a person or thing that times. times.
  2. a person who measures or records time. times.
  3. a device for indicating or measuring elapsed time, times, as a stopwatch.
  4. a device for controlling machinery, appliances, or the like, in a specified way at a predetermined time: times:

    Please put the roast in the oven and set the timer to cook it for two hours.

  5. (in an internal-combustion engine) a set of points actuated by a cam, which causes the spark for igniting the charge at the instant required.


/ ˈtaɪmə /


  1. a device for measuring, recording, or indicating time
  2. a switch or regulator that causes a mechanism to operate at a specific time or at predetermined intervals
  3. a person or thing that times

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Word History and Origins

Origin of timer1

First recorded in 1490–1500; time + -er 1

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Example Sentences

The best heated throw blankets have timers that allow for pre-warming and automatic shut-off, which is a nice safety feature.

Before you nap, you should absolutely set a timer to wake you up, both Pelayo and Conroy say.

Remote control allows you to set a timer to have the device turn off automatically in one or two hours.

Air filter and air quality notifications as well as timer and automation settings are all accessible via the app as well.

Some of these smart devices work on timers or communicate via Bluetooth, and others are so versatile that they stand to replace multiple appliances at once, but they’ll all make your life in the kitchen a little easier and a little more fun.

Today it would be considered a felony, classifying him as a “two-timer” and therefore ineligible for special release.

But neither was it terrifying, one first-timer told me afterwards.

It also has a rechargeable battery and a timer, so you can leave it to set to work and return to a good-as-new grill later.

The new nanny replaces part-timer Jessie Webb, 71, who was William's nanny when he was little.

Another technique that utilizes the timer is the Tabata protocol.

Say, old-timer, is it right about Mac losing his stripes and getting thirty days in the cooler?

"Dump her in here, ole-timer," cried Bud, holding out the frying pan emptied of all but grease.

The timer on the dual type magneto is adjusted so that the battery spark occurs about 5° later than the magneto spark.

The disc of the timer, known as the "commutator," is so geared that it revolves in unison with the motor.

Recognised him instantly as a regular old-timer at the heels of the Baron, and tackled him on our ancient terms.


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