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[ tit-l-ey-shuhn ]


  1. the act of pleasantly exciting or arousing the senses, emotions, or imagination, often in a sexually suggestive way:

    We strongly condemn journalists who rely on sensationalism and titillation to sell newspapers.

    Elevating the soul through masterful titillation of the senses is what real cooking is all about.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of titillation1

First recorded in 1400–50; from Latin titillātiōn-, stem of titillātiō, equivalent to tītillāt(us) + -iō -ion ( def ); titillate ( def )

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Example Sentences

When he shaved his signature mustache in 2001 — “on a whim,” he said — his viewership erupted in titillation.

But the genius of George Carlin comes when you get past the titillation and shock value.

But still gay sex scenes, always one-offs, provoked titillation and comment.

You can experience the titillation of finishing something more than once every three to four years.

But if viewers can enjoy the music and fashion without the extra titillation, it would be a start.

In Live Nude Girl, the theme shows up as the place where the titillation of nudity meets high art.

Persistent titillation of competition may be pleasant for a time, but its final results may be injurious.

Throughout the ride there was a ludicrous titillation of insecurity; but it was greatest at the start and at the finish.

He felt, as it were, the titillation of forming fat which spread slowly all over his body.

Such frequent titillation of delicate nervous mechanisms plays sad havoc with general nervous control.

Scaliger proposed to class titillation as a sixth, or separate, sense.