[ tohd-fish ]

noun,plural (especially collectively) toad·fish, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) toad·fish·es.
  1. any of several thick-headed, wide-mouthed fishes of the family Batrachoididae, as Opsanus tau(oyster toadfish, or ugly toad ), ranging along the Atlantic coast of the United States.

Origin of toadfish

First recorded in 1605–15; toad + fish

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How to use toadfish in a sentence

  • So it was she that I caught, and not the gallant Mr. toadfish at all!

    The Fall of the Year | Dallas Lore Sharp
  • If ever there was a faithful parent, it is a Father toadfish.

    The Fall of the Year | Dallas Lore Sharp
  • The best way to do this with man as well as with toadfish is to learn about their lives.

    The Fall of the Year | Dallas Lore Sharp
  • It is the male toadfish that crawls into the nest-hole and takes charge of the numerous family.

    Summer | Dallas Lore Sharp
  • It is along in June that the toadfish of our New England bays begin to look round for their summer homes.

    The Fall of the Year | Dallas Lore Sharp

British Dictionary definitions for toadfish


/ (ˈtəʊdˌfɪʃ) /

nounplural -fish or -fishes
  1. any spiny-finned bottom-dwelling marine fish of the family Batrachoididae, of tropical and temperate seas, having a flattened tapering body and a wide mouth

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