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toga virilis

[toh-guh vi-rahy-lis, -ree-; Latin taw-gah wi-ree-lis]
noun, plural to·gae vi·ri·les [toh-jee vi-rahy-leez, -ree-; Latin taw-gahy wi-ree-les] /ˈtoʊ dʒi vɪˈraɪ liz, -ˈri-; Latin ˈtɔ gaɪ wɪˈri lɛs/.
  1. the white toga assumed by boys in ancient Rome at the end of their 14th year.
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Origin of toga virilis

1590–1600; < Latin toga virīlis; see toga, virile
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British Dictionary definitions for toga virilis

toga virilis

  1. (in ancient Rome) the toga assumed by a youth at the age of 14 as a symbol of manhood and citizenship
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Word Origin for toga virilis

Latin, literally: manly (i.e., man's) toga
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