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[ toh-kuhn ]


  1. something serving to represent or indicate some fact, event, feeling, etc.; sign:

    Black is a token of mourning.

  2. a characteristic indication or mark of something; evidence or proof:

    Malnutrition is a token of poverty.

  3. a memento; souvenir; keepsake:

    The seashell was a token of their trip.

  4. something used to indicate authenticity, authority, etc.; emblem; badge:

    Judicial robes are a token of office.

  5. Also called to·ken coin. a stamped piece of metal, issued as a limited medium of exchange, as for bus fares, at a nominal value much greater than its commodity value.
  6. anything of only nominal value used in exchange for goods or services, as paper currency.
  7. an item, idea, etc., representing a group; a part as representing the whole; sample; indication:

    The religious movement was an exhibition of latent energy, and a token of what may take place at some future day.

  8. a person, especially a member of a minority group, who has been hired, admitted, enrolled, etc., to forestall charges of prejudice or discrimination.
  9. an object, as a disk or figure, used in various board games for marking a player's position or for keeping score.
  10. Logic, Linguistics. a particular instance of a word, symbol, expression, sentence, or the like: Compare type ( def 8 ).

    A printed page might have twenty tokens of the single type-word “and.”

verb (used with object)

  1. to be a token of; signify; symbolize.


  1. serving as a token:

    At the end of the field trip each child received a token gift to take home as a memento.

    The HR complaint was filed by a man who felt his hiring had been meant to add a token male to an all-female staff.

    Synonyms: symbolic

  2. token resistance;

    a token amount.


/ ˈtəʊkən /


  1. an indication, warning, or sign of something
  2. a symbol or visible representation of something
  3. something that indicates authority, proof, or authenticity
  4. a metal or plastic disc, such as a substitute for currency for use in slot machines
  5. a memento
  6. a gift voucher that can be used as payment for goods of a specified value
  7. modifier as a matter of form only; nominal

    a token increase in salary

  8. linguistics a symbol regarded as an individual concrete mark, not as a class of identical symbols Compare type
  9. philosophy an individual instance: if the same sentence has different truth-values on different occasions of utterance the truth-value may be said to attach to the sentence-token Compare type
  10. by the same token
    moreover and for the same or a similar reason
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  1. tr to act or serve as a warning or symbol of; betoken
“Collins English Dictionary — Complete & Unabridged” 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012
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Other Words From

  • pre·to·ken noun verb (used with object)
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Word History and Origins

Origin of token1

First recorded before 900; Middle English token(e), tokin(e), Old English tāc(e)n, tācon; cognate with German Zeichen, Old Norse teikn, tākn “sign, mark”; teach
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Word History and Origins

Origin of token1

Old English tācen; related to Old Frisian tēken, Old Saxon tēkan, Old High German zeihhan, Old Norse teikn; see teach
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Idioms and Phrases

  1. by the same token,
    1. moreover; furthermore:

      She has a talent as a painter, and by the same token has a sharp eye for detail.

    2. in proof of which:

      The study examined the possible effects of stress on health and, by the same token, IQ and test scores.

  2. in token of, as a sign of; in evidence of:

    a ring in token of his love.

More idioms and phrases containing token

see by the same token ; in token of .
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Example Sentences

Once the user opens the app, the malicious file is triggered, letting the malicious app access and send stolen session tokens to the attacker’s server silently in the background.

Session tokens are small files that keep the user logged in without having to re-enter their passwords.

Sushi tokens, which offered the prospect of shares in SushiSwap’s revenues and voting rights, would be awarded to people who put up funds.

From Fortune

Riding an upsurge in Sushi’s price, Nomi exchanged his high-flying tokens for more than $10 million in Ethereum this weekend.

From Fortune

However, in the same token, you should block content that you don’t want popping up in search results.

But, but … there was a token black girl in the background, Target cried in its defense!

By the same token, maybe we need different words for possession.

But before the former First Lady left the Obama Administration, the Tanzanian Ambassador wanted to give her a token of esteem.

Eventually, it was gifted to Czar Peter the Great as a token of goodwill between the Germans and Russians.

“I would advise any candidate to assess their viability and not just do a token run,” said Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster.

It was a token to all travellers who should come this way that this land now belonged to the King of Spain.

God said unto Noah, This is the token of the covenant, which I have established between me and all flesh that is upon the earth.

And by the same token the good Duchess has seen her hair grow white and her gaiety vanish.

I must see danger before I summoned help, and there was no token of danger yet.

A token deemed necessary to a covenant was sometimes freely given: at other times it was requested.


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