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  1. a brimless and close-fitting hat for women, in any of several shapes.

  2. a velvet hat with a narrow, sometimes turned-up brim, a full crown, and usually a plume, worn by men and women especially in 16th-century France.

  1. a tall white hat with pleats, worn by chefs.

Origin of toque

First recorded in 1495–1505; from French; replacing earlier toock, towk (from Portuguese touca “coif”), tock, tocque (from Italian tocca “cap”), and toke (from Spanish toca “headdress”); further origin uncertain

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How to use toque in a sentence

  • Mrs. Rantzau stood on the upper deck in her dark blue dress, with the little toque coquettishly aslant on her head.

    Dry Fish and Wet | Anthon Bernhard Elias Nilsen
  • The dainty white toque perched upon the masses of gold-brown hair accentuated the girlish freshness of her face.

    Corporal Cameron | Ralph Connor

British Dictionary definitions for toque


/ (təʊk) /

  1. a woman's small round brimless hat, popular esp in Edwardian times

  2. a hat with a small brim and a pouched crown, popular in the 16th century

  1. Canadian same as tuque (def. 2)

  2. a chef's tall white hat

Origin of toque

C16: from French, from Old Spanish toca headdress, probably from Basque tauka hat

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