[ toor-duh-frans, -frahns; French toor-duh-frahns ]
/ ˌtʊər dəˈfræns, -ˈfrɑns; French tur dəˈfrɑ̃s /
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a bicycle touring race, held over a period of 21 days: it covers about 2,500 miles (4,000 km) in France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland.
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Origin of Tour-de-France

<French: tour of France
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What is the Tour-de-France?

The Tour-de-France is an annual bicycle race that covers more than 2,000 miles (3,200 km) in 21 stages over 23 days.

It is generally considered the most famous and most prestigious cycling competition in the world. It is known for its difficulty, including steep mountain climbs.

The route of the Tour-de-France changes each year, primarily traveling throughout France but also sometimes going into neighboring countries. The race always ends in Paris. Spectators line the route throughout the race to watch the cyclists pass.

The winner of the Tour-de-France is the cyclist who accumulates the least racing time throughout all stages. The cyclist with the lowest overall time at the end of each day is famously given a yellow jersey to wear the next day, signaling their position at the race leader.

When is the Tour-de-France?

The 2022 Tour-de-France will be held from July 1–July 24.

It usually starts in late June or early July each year and lasts for about three weeks.

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In English, Tour-de-France simply means “Tour of France.”

The first Tour-de-France was held in 1903 as a publicity event for the L’Auto newspaper. Yellow is said to have been chosen as the color of the leader’s jersey because the newspaper was printed on yellow paper. Today, a green, white, and red-dotted jersey are also awarded for various achievements.

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The Tour-de-France is the most famous cycling race and is known for its difficulty,  including steep mountain climbs.

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The Tour-de-France is a day-long race.

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