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[ tou-tid ]


  1. boastfully or vigorously described, advertised, or promoted, especially in a persistent or annoying way:

    The service cut will eliminate over 8,000 jobs, just when the government is priding itself on its much touted Economic Action Plan for job creation.

  2. Horse Racing. (of a horse in a particular race) described to bettors in terms of its chances of winning, especially for a fee:

    Rain can be a kind of wild card that allows a lightly touted horse to steal an upset win in a race.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of tout.

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Example Sentences

The juxtaposition planted a story of association on websites that touted both men for their talks.

Your death is a tragic bookend to a year touted as the “transgender tipping point.”

In 1968, Richard Nixon touted his plan to end the war in Vietnam in the face of a challenge from the anti-war George Romney.

The Republican candidate for governor in Oregon, on the other hand, touted her support for the freedom to marry in a TV ad.

His most apparent and highly-touted skill was that he understood his way around bureaucratic Washington.

It was McNatt who stopped the much-touted Puckhaber time and again and fairly stood him on his head.

I've seen teams touted as certain winners go all to pieces on the day of the game.

He was interested in a new "automated" camera currently being touted by the Russians as the world's best.

Trying to see what kind of a bloke this touted superman is, Stanton thought.

There were ten horses entered in the final race of the meeting, and nine of them were strongly touted as "good things."


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