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  1. Poisonous substances, consisting mainly of protein , that are a by-product of metabolism in certain organisms. Toxins that enter the body through a bacterial infection can be very harmful and can result in diseases such as tetanus and botulism .

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Example Sentences

As for the claims that activated charcoal will help purify your body from toxins?

Toxins are carried out of the body through a process called adsorption.

Since rat root comes from a plant that grows on the edge of the lake there are concerns that the plant is carrying toxins.

He tells us about the devastating consequences of these toxins entering the watershed.

No one really argues with the massive amount of pollution and toxins.

It is small in cloudy swelling from toxins and drugs, and variable in renal tuberculosis and neoplasms.

Anemia in these cases is probably due both to toxins and to abstraction of blood.

Extracellular (or Soluble) Toxins: those which are diffused into, and held in solution by, the surrounding medium.

Filter some of the extract through a Chamberland candle and incubate the filtrate to determine the presence of soluble toxins.

The chemical products of their mutual action are what we call ptomaines, which are partly very virulent poisons (toxins).


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