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[ trey-suh-buhl ]


  1. capable of being traced.
  2. attributable or ascribable (usually followed by to ):

    a victory traceable to good coaching.

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Other Words From

  • tracea·bili·ty tracea·ble·ness noun
  • tracea·bly adverb
  • nontrace·a·bili·ty noun
  • non·tracea·ble adjective
  • non·tracea·ble·ness noun
  • non·tracea·bly adverb
  • un·tracea·ble adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of traceable1

First recorded in 1740–50; trace 1 + -able

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Example Sentences

Another common smuggling strategy is using “ghost guns,” which are guns without a traceable serial number.

He’s also looking at ways to support other traceable cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, as well as at the potential to track downstream bitcoin addresses.

WhatsApp says it’s fighting rules that would allow people’s private messages to become traceable by the government authorities, and would open the app to mass surveillance.

On Wednesday, the messaging app WhatsApp filed a lawsuit in Delhi High Court arguing that new government rules that require it to make messages “traceable” to external parties are unconstitutional and undermine the fundamental right to privacy.

They had to ensure that it is a “non-traceable device,” Rank says.

Ultimately, what his company provides is an easier way for restaurants to have traceable food.

Xeres (where sherry originates) constitutes one of the few wine regions without a definite traceable origin.

And with that, Walt gives up, placing a traceable call to the Albuquerque DEA.

In our pursuit of knowledge, we often desire a traceable path in our growth.

Worse yet, most of the cases were traceable to the Nigeria strain.

Many of the current attributes of this college are traceable to the administration of Robert E. Lee.

The great mass of the words are traceable to Latin etyma, as in all Romance dialects a large portion of Germanic words are found.

Family peculiarities, however, are traceable through many generations.

All these symptoms are traceable directly to certain changes which have been noted in the spinal cord.

Indeed the characteristic is still more than traceable in some of our less busy districts.


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