[ tran-sak-shuh-nuhl, -zak- ]
/ trænˈsæk ʃə nəl, -ˈzæk- /
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of or relating to the process of conducting business: A leading authority on ethical issues in commercial practice, she has designed classes and materials to teach students transactional skills.
of or relating to personal or social interaction characterized by mutual influence and exchange: The teacher questioned each pair of students in turn about the transactional nature of the role play—how their partner's statements or behavior shaped their own.
of or relating to an attitude in which personal interaction revolves around cost and benefit: There is a shift toward a more transactional relationship between a synagogue and its congregants, where the focus is often on dues and program fees.



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Origin of transactional

trans·ac·tion·al·ly, adverb
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