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[ trans-pawr-ter, -pohr-, trans-pawr-ter, -pohr- ]


  1. a person or thing that transports, especially a very large truck for large or heavy loads, as missiles or automobiles.

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Example Sentences

The most-abundant cells they found were lactocytes, which expressed many genes for proteins found in breast milk as well as transporters needed to secrete proteins, micronutrients, fat, and other components.

The new policy should help farmers, manufacturers, and transporters, who have been unnerved by the steep price rises, the ministry of petroleum and natural gas said in a statement.

From Quartz

There’s also some mechanistic evidence showing that the gut lining develops more transporters to ferry specific nutrients into the bloodstream if you eat them regularly.

The network of dog shelters, alliances and rescues of North America are all little checkpoints on a map for transporters who ferry the neglected and unwanted to happier homes.

It also demonstrates the Buk was transported from Donestsk, through Torez, while still on the transporter.

Another rocket, the utterly massive Mars Colony Transporter, is on the drawing boards (and new engines to power it).

Under the direction of the Grand Mognac, the Martians placed the terrible weapons in the transporter prepared for them.

Then the body is taken by easy stages, into the presence of the intestine transporter, who reclines upon a downy couch.

An inquiry produced the information that they were the first instalment of a "transbordeur," or transporter bridge.

The Nantes "transporter" over the Loire differs from its fellows in one respect, viz.

The transporter bridge in a primitive form has existed for some centuries, but its present design is of very modern growth.


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