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[ truh-vur-suhl ]


  1. the act or process of passing across, over, or through:

    A problem with the Voyager 2 spacecraft as it began its traversal of the rings of Saturn was eventually linked to high-speed collisions with micrometeoroids.

  2. Computers. the act or process of systematically visiting all nodes of a tree or other linked data structure, usually for the purposes of collecting or transforming data at the nodes:

    Issues fixed in this release include a vulnerability in directory traversal that could give an attacker the ability to access files that should be restricted.

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Example Sentences

Before and after fighting, you see terrain you've traversed and characters you've met before in Breath of the Wild.

Just like its petrol-based big brother, Formula E traverses the world with its fully electric cars, and teams race on tracks from Moscow to London.

From Ozy

The pandemic can feel like that, as though you’re traversing an endless dark wilderness hoping to catch a light in the distance that’ll guide you back to society.

From Eater

Kate Baecher and her mountaineering group were being guided over a dangerous traverse in Europe a few years ago when a climber in the party ahead of them fell hundreds of feet to her death.

With 2,650 miles of path to traverse, the Pacific Crest Trail is daunting to many, despite its convenience for the entire West Coast.

She59 noticed the bag, its texture, and the words “Traversal—Toulon” stamped on it.