[ trawl ]
/ trɔl /


Also called trawl net. a strong fishing net for dragging along the sea bottom.
Also called trawl line. a buoyed line used in sea fishing, having numerous short lines with baited hooks attached at intervals.

verb (used without object)

verb (used with object)

Origin of trawl

1475–85; < Middle Dutch tragel (noun), tragelen (v.); cognate with trail

Related forms

trawl·a·ble, adjectivetrawl·a·bil·i·ty, noun

Can be confused

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/ (trɔːl) /

noun sea fishing

Also called: trawl net a large net, usually in the shape of a sock or bag, drawn at deep levels behind special boats (trawlers)
Also called: trawl line a long line to which numerous shorter hooked lines are attached, suspended between buoysSee also setline, trotline
the act of trawling


noun, verb

angling another word for troll 1

Word Origin for trawl

C17: from Middle Dutch traghelen to drag, from Latin trāgula dragnet; see trail
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