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/ trɛk /
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verb (used without object), trekked, trek·king.

to travel or migrate slowly or with difficulty, especially to hike through rough terrain: He's trekked through the Himalayas and summited Mt. Kilimanjaro.
to make a short but difficult trip on foot: We trekked back to our hotel in the pouring rain.
South Africa. to travel by ox wagon.

verb (used with object), trekked, trek·king.

South Africa. (of a draft animal) to draw (a vehicle or load).


a slow or difficult journey, hike, or trip.
South Africa.
  1. a migration or expedition, especially by ox wagon.
  2. a stage of such a journey, between one stopping place and the next.



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Origin of trek

First recorded in 1845–50; from Afrikaans and Dutch noun trek “a tug, pull, march”; verb from Afrikaans trek “to draw, pull, migrate,” from Dutch trekken
un·trekked, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for trek

/ (trɛk) /


a long and often difficult journey
Southern African a journey or stage of a journey, esp a migration by ox wagon

verb treks, trekking or trekked

(intr) to make a trek
(tr) Southern African (of an ox, etc) to draw (a load)
trekker, noun
C19: from Afrikaans, from Middle Dutch trekken to travel; related to Old Frisian trekka
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