[ tuhg ]
/ tʌg /

verb (used with object), tugged, tug·ging.

verb (used without object), tugged, tug·ging.

to pull with force or effort: to tug at a stuck drawer.
to strive hard; labor; toil.


Origin of tug

1175–1225; Middle English toggen to play-wrestle, contend; akin to Old English togian to tow1


tug·ger, nountug·less, adjectiveun·tugged, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for tug

/ (tʌɡ) /

verb tugs, tugging or tugged

(when intr, sometimes foll by at) to pull or drag with sharp or powerful movementsthe boy tugged at the door handle
(tr) to tow (a vessel) by means of a tug
(intr) to work; toil


Derived forms of tug

tugger, noun

Word Origin for tug

C13: related to Old English tēon to tow 1
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