[ too-ish-uhn, tyoo- ]
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  1. the charge or fee for instruction, as at a private school or a college or university: The college will raise its tuition again next year.

  2. teaching or instruction, as of pupils: a school offering private tuition in languages.

  1. Archaic. guardianship or custody.

Origin of tuition

1250–1300; Middle English tuicion a looking after, guarding <Latin tuitiōn- (stem of tuitiō), equivalent to tuit(us) (past participle of tuērī to watch; cf. tutelage) + -iōn--ion

Other words from tuition

  • tu·i·tion·al, tu·i·tion·ar·y [too-ish-uh-ner-ee, tyoo-], /tuˈɪʃ əˌnɛr i, tyu-/, adjective
  • tu·i·tion·less, adjective
  • self-tu·i·tion, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for tuition


/ (tjuːˈɪʃən) /

  1. instruction, esp that received in a small group or individually

  2. the payment for instruction, esp in colleges or universities

Origin of tuition

C15: from Old French tuicion, from Latin tuitiō a guarding, from tuērī to watch over

Derived forms of tuition

  • tuitional, adjective

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