[ toot-l-ij, tyoot- ]
/ ˈtut l ɪdʒ, ˈtyut- /


the act of guarding, protecting, or guiding; office or function of a guardian; guardianship.
instruction; teaching; guidance: His knowledge of Spanish increased under private tutelage.
the state of being under a guardian or a tutor.

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Origin of tutelage

1595–1605; < Latin tūtēl(a) guardianship (derivative of tuērī to watch; see tuition) + -age

2. direction, supervision, tutoring, coaching.

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/ (ˈtjuːtɪlɪdʒ) /


the act or office of a guardian or tutor
instruction or guidance, esp by a tutor
the condition of being under the supervision of a guardian or tutor

Word Origin for tutelage

C17: from Latin tūtēla a caring for, from tuērī to watch over; compare tuition

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Word Origin and History for tutelage



c.1600, from Latin tutela "a watching, protection," from variant past participle stem of tueri "watch over" (see tutor (n.)). Meaning "instruction, tuition" first appeared 1857.

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