[ too-myuh-ler, tyoo- ]
/ ˈtu myə lər, ˈtyu- /


of, pertaining to, resembling, or characterized by a tumulus or tumuli.

Origin of tumular

1820–30; < Latin tumul(us) tumulus + -ar1
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Examples from the Web for tumular

  • Some at least of these gigantic structures were buried under a tumular mound, precisely in the same manner as the smaller cists.

  • Of the tumular remains this general remark may be made, that they richly illustrate the elder poetry.

  • The tumular relics of different parts of England suggest old tribal distinctions of costume and apparel.

  • Perhaps it would not be too much to say that affinity with the tumular deposits is one of the notes of the primary poetry.

British Dictionary definitions for tumular

/ (ˈtjuːmjʊlə) /


of, relating to, or like a mound
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