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[ too-ner, tyoo- ]


  1. a person or thing that tunes.
  2. the portion of a radio or television receiver that captures the broadcast signal and feeds it to other circuits in the set for further processing.


/ ˈtjuːnə /


  1. a person who tunes instruments, esp pianos
  2. the part of a radio or television receiver for selecting only those signals having a particular frequency

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Word History and Origins

Origin of tuner1

1570–80; 1905–10 tuner fordef 2; tune + -er 1

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Example Sentences

If bragging about your extraordinary perfect pitch abilities on the internet is not a part of your personality, you probably need a tuner.

You can get a physical one, for sure, or you can just type “google tuner” into the search bar.

Other top-panel functions include an onboard guitar tuner, which is convenient for making adjustments on the fly without interrupting your creative flow.

The Boss TU-3 is one of the best pedalboard tuners thanks to its high-brightness LED meter, multiple chromatic and instrument modes, and its nearly indestructible stompbox housing.

The JCW model boasts larger wheels, more form-fitting seats, rear spoiler and a sport-tuned suspension that helps transform this crossover into a tuner car.

All 60 pianos were kept in shape by Fred Patella, a local piano tuner who trawled the city every day.

The rotary tuner shown in the sketch was designed by a correspondent of Modern Electrics.

She reproached me for marrying a pauper, and said I'd better have stuck to the piano-tuner unless you were he in disguise!

Miss Blossom's father, an organ tuner by profession, visited many towns in the course of a year.

"No, I never heard of you before," replied the piano-tuner, stolidly.

He had paid no attention to the piano-tuner's tone and look.


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