tung-oil tree

[ tuhng-oil ]
/ ˈtʌŋˌɔɪl /
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What is a tung-oil tree?

Tung-oil tree is another name for the tung tree. It’s sometimes called the tung-oil tree because its seeds are used to make tung oil.

Tung oil is a drying oil, which is a kind of oil that hardens when exposed to air and forms a tough, elastic layer on the surface that it’s applied to.

These qualities are why drying oils like tung oil are used as a base for some paints and varnishes, such as those used in woodworking. Tung oil can be applied to wood to give it a water-resistant finish.

The tung-oil tree is native to China and tung oil is sometimes sold or labeled as Chinese wood oil. 

The name tung tree is used to refer to several species of the genus Aleurites (part of the spurge family), especially Aleurites fordii or Vernicia fordii.

Example: The tung-oil tree is known for being the source of tung oil, but it’s also very beautiful, especially when its flowers bloom.

Where does tung-oil tree come from?

The term tung oil comes from a partial translation of the Chinese yu t’ung, in which yu means “oil” and t’ung means “tung tree.”

Tung oil is preferred as a finishing oil by some woodworkers for a variety of reasons, especially for being water-resistant and creating a glossy finish.

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How is tung-oil tree used in real life?

The tung-oil tree is known for being the source of the oil for which it is named. Tung oil is used by woodworkers.


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The tung-oil tree is native to North America.

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